Nepal Cycling Association

To promote & develop mountain biking sports and activities in the country, Nepal Mountain Bike Association (NMBA) was established in 1995. Since its establishment, it has been affiliated with National Sport Council, Nepal Olympic Committee, Asian Cycling Association (ACC) & International Cycling Union (UCI). It is also the founder member of Nepal Mountain Sports Federation.


With the aim of associating all cycling categories, NMBA has been renamed as Nepal Cycling Association (NCA) in 2006. The main objective of Nepal Cycling Association is to promote all disciplines of cycling sports in Nepal.

Nepal Cycling Association has an independent executive committee headed by President Mr. Chhimi Urkyen Gurung. The office of the association is located in the premises of National Stadium, Tripureshor, Kathmandu.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Nepals diverse terrain is what mountain bikers dreams are made of. Natural topography and spectacular landscape with many tracks and trails make the country an ideal venue for mountain biking. Centuries-old dirt roads and mountain viewing trails along  the  entire  length of country are suitable for mountain biking in Nepal. Since its establishment NCA has been organizing various races to promote mountain biking sports in Nepal. NCA has successfully completed XIV Asian Mountain Bike Championship in Nepal 2008. All the visiting teams and mounting biking officials had satisfied and enjoyed the biking terrain in Nepal. The successful completion of XIV Asian Mountain Championship has opened the door to organize world championship in coming days.

In the recent years, mountain bike lovers are growing to visit Nepal for biking sports & biking tourism.


7th National MTB Downhill Championship 2017


The 7th National MTB Downhill Championship is the highest level of MTB Downhill Race in Nepal. The race winner will be the national championship in downhill category. The race will be organized as per the guideline set by International Cycling Union (UCI) and the association will try to send the winner of the race to 2017 Asian Mountain Bike Championship in China.

As foreigners living in Nepal are much interested for participation to the mountain bike races happening in the country, and is opened for all people. Mostly, it aims to attract foreign riders.

Event Objectives:

Our main objective is to enjoy and promote the sport of Mountain Biking. We seek to balance our fun of riding with responsible trail usage. The major objective of this event is as below:

  • To  boost  up  the  local  and  foreign  nationals  on  the  remote  areas  of Kathmandu.
  • To further introduce Nepal as a great Mountain Biking destination in the global arena.
  • To bring back visitors, outdoor enthusiast, and recreational mountain bikers back.
  • To increase the number of Local Mountain bike riders and spread the benefits of sports.
  • To promote young riders to reach the international level of mountain biking.

Event Details

The race will be organized in the jungle of Hattiban, a beautiful place nearby Kathmandu. The participants can observe the beautiful view of Kathmandu Valley.

Event Name: 7th National MTB Downhill Championship 2017

Race Date: 25th March, 2017 Organizer: Nepal Cycling Association Management: Epic Events

Race Course: Hattiban, Pharping

Race Length: 1.84KM

Attendance:  Minimum of One Thousand People (1000)

Race Categories

  1. Downhill Individual Elite Men
  2. Downhill Individual Open
  3. Downhill Individual Junior Men

The winner of the race will be entitled as the national champion till next race happening. The winner will be served with medal, shield and certificates. All participants will be served with participation certificate



Dollu Community Forest at Hattiban, Pharphing, Kathmandu

Date March 25, 2017 (Saturday)

Race Course Length1.84 Km

Race Categories & Number of Participants



Downhill Individual Elite Men                :



Downhill Individual Open                       :



Downhill Individual Junior Men            :




Race Organized by Nepal Cycling Association

Race Hosted By Lalitpur Cycling Association

Managed by Life Cycle & Epic Events Nepal

Race Co-coordinator Upendra Shumshere J B Rana (Vice President NCA)

Race Director : Nirakar Yakthumba

Commissaires : Diwash Pradhan, Chakshu Malla, Bishal Shrestha, Ang Gelu Sherpa

Supported by: National Sports Council Nepal Olympic Committee Nepal Mountain Sports Federation I Dallu Community Forest Hattiban Everest Summit Lodges Initiative Outdoors I B & B Hospital I Gyanodaya International School Moksh Kathmandu Bike Festival Ktm. Bikestatiion